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About Lucratif

C. Lucratif, born Christiana Valenzuela, chose the word 'Lucratif' as her moniker for many reasons.  Coming from a place that is overwhelmed with heat and underwhelmed in opportunity (Tucson, Arizona), she wanted to get into an environment that really allowed for growth and creativity.  That place was Los Angeles.  Christiana moved to LA alone just before turning 21 and has since started the Lucratif brand and Opulen Studios in downtown LA.  


The word Lucratif according to her is defined as "Abundant in all aspects".   She has been studying photography since high school taking classes in film, media, graphic design and photography.  Working professionally for over 6 years, C. Lucratif has found her voice in photography and creating images that captivate and sometimes shock with pops of color, cheeky models and a unique style that can only be called Lucratif.  Christiana has since shot advertising campaigns, product, fashion photography, celebrities, music artists, landscapes, and portraits.

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